Fire Division Wall

Non Single Family Residence customers with an acceptable division wall may be eligible for this credit. Division walls must be constructed entirely of noncombustible materials with a fire resistance rating of not less than two hours, or of masonry materials, and shall:

  • Extend from one exterior wall to another (or form an enclosed area within the building that is larger than 20% of the total area of the building);
  • Extend from one masonry or fire-resistant floor to another masonry or fire-resistant floor, or from a masonry or fire-resistant floor to a roof of any construction;
  • Have all openings within division walls protected with listed fire rated opening/closing assemblies.

Documentation Required to be Submitted with Fire Fee Discount Application

The Fire Protection Fee customer shall provide the following documentation when applying for a Fire Protection fee discount for the Division Wall discount:

  1. Fire Fee Discount Application;
  2. Site and construction plans, to show evidence of building construction consistent with the credit terms above;
  3. Affidavit with Certification Statement.