Served by Another Fire Department

If the property owner can demonstrate that they are served by a Fire Department or Service other than Savanah Fire, that their property is not within the City’s Fire Service Area as outlined in the current Chatham County Service Delivery Strategy, and that the City of Savannah is not the authority having jurisdiction, they shall be eligible for a 100% credit.  To qualify for this credit, an entity must maintain a standing fire department which covers its defined jurisdiction.  They must also be able to provide fire protection assistance to the City’s Fire Department in accordance with GA Code § 25-3-5. This shall be the only credit that may exceed 20% without approval of the City Manager or his/her designee.

Documentation Required to be Submitted with Fire Fee Discount Application

The Fire Protection Fee customer shall provide the following documentation when applying for a Fire Protection fee discount for being served by Another Fire Department:

  1. Fire Fee Discount Application
  2. Copy of a map showing the location of the applicant’s property and the Savannah Fire Service Area, and documentation from the alternative Fire Department or Agency that services are provided to that property.
  3. Affidavit with Certification Statement