Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism

The Office of Special Events, Film and Tourism was created to streamline services offered by the City of Savannah for these industries.  This is accomplished by having a one-stop shop for individuals and organizations to plan their events and gain the necessary permitting.  

Primary Services include:

  • Permitting for Film and Media Projects for Students and Professional filmmakers;
  • Coordinating and permitting large-scale events;
  • Managing and permitting athletic events on City of Savannah turf fields;
  • Permitting food trucks, coordinating food truck lotteries and hosting food truck rodeos;
  • Permitting and managing events in parks and squares;
  • Managing tourism-related improvements and complaints.

The Office is located in Daffin Park at One Waring Drive. Please contact the Office at (912) 351-3837 for information about services.