Public Information Office / Media Relations

About Media Relations

The Public Information Office directs all public education efforts and media relations for the Fire Bureau. Educational programs are directed at local schools, community events, and in the fire stations. These programs reach more than 20,000 residents of all ages every year. Media relations focuses on getting our story to the public through local, regional, and national news agencies. This division is the primary point of contact for reporters looking to cover newsworthy events involving the fire department.

We work closely with television, radio, Internet, and newspaper services to keep you informed about your fire department's activities. Whether it's during an emergency, preparing for one, or recovering from one, Savannah Fire and Emergency Services wants you to know that we are doing our best to protect you. Public Information Officers work as liaisons with local reporters to give accurate and timely information.

Public Information Officers (PIOs) help to generate newsworthy marketing and public relations stories that spotlight the positive programs and other aspects of the bureau and its personnel. PIOs also work with journalists on enterprise stories and articles as a means of attaining the best placement for department publicity.

Public Fire Safety Education

Thousands of children are hurt or killed by fire each year in the United States. Some of our programs designed to help prevent the loss of life, injury, and property, are listed below. These programs help our citizens learn and understand the causes of fire and how to prevent them at home and work. Additional topics include how to develop and implement a home fire escape plan, fire extinguishers, injury prevention, etc. Many of these programs have been designed to target specific audiences related to age, relevant information and comprehension levels.

Children's Education

These resources include:

  • NFPA's Learn-Not-To-Burn Curriculum
  • NFPA's Risk Watch Program
  • Fire Safety House sponsored by the Savannah's Safe Kids Coalition
  • Youth Fire Setter Intervention Program
  • Schools (public and private), scouts, and other organizations
  • Fire station visits

Adult Education

Adults, particularly senior citizens, need to remember the ever present danger of fire at home, at work, and at play. To help you maintain a safe standard of living, we provide the following fire and life safety programs geared towards adults. These activities include:

  • Fire safety talks
  • Career talks
  • Fire safety in hi-rise buildings
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Fire safety presentations
  • Public events, clubs, associations, businesses, and schools
  • Community / neighborhood meetings
  • Teacher work shops
  • Demonstrations by firefighters, our technical rescue team, and GSAR (Georgia Search & Rescue)