eTRAC The eTRAC website allows users with Internet access to conduct searches for permits or plan reviews by address, permit type, permit number, issue date, or other search fields, and view the status of these permits. Users who register on the eTRAC site have access to more details information and are able to log in and apply for certain types of permits online, pay invoiced permit fees, request inspections if they are the licensed contractor, and see details regarding a specific inspection or plan review.

If you have any questions about eTRAC or need assistance navigating the site, please visit our resource page or call Lei Frazier at 912-651-6510 Number 1393 or send her an email. If you have any technical difficulties with logging in or with the website, please call Alvin McGrath at 912-651-6510 Number 1877 or send him an email.

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