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 community center
  • Community Center Improvements: $4.2 million
    Neighborhood centers in the City received more than $4.2 million in SPLOST improvements.
  • Savannah Gardens Phase I: $11.2 million
    A redevelopment of Strathmore Estates, a crime-ridden 44 acres of substandard housing along Pennsylvania Avenue. Savannah Gardens will include 550 units of mixed income, environmentally sustainable housing. Part I crimes have dropped 67% in the area since construction began.
  • Battlefield Memorial/Georgia State Railroad Museum: $11.3 million
    This National Historic Landmark site is the oldest and largest existing nineteenth-century railroad operations complex in the nation. Construction began in 1850. Thirteen of the original structures remain today. The City worked with the Coastal Heritage Society to purchase, decontaminate & develop Battlefield Park, the site of an important Revolutionary War battle.
  • Whitaker St. Garage / Ellis Square: $12.1 million
    The City demolished the City Market Parking Garage, doubled the amount of parking with the 1,100-space underground Whitaker St. Garage, and restored Ellis Square as a public space for the first time in 50 years. The project has spurred more than $100 million in private investment in the immediate area.
  • Midtown Municipal Center: $2.4 million
    The new Midtown Municipal Center offers a convenient, central Savannah location with on-site parking. The facility houses the 311 Call Center; the Citizens Office and Project DeRenne Resource Room; Coastal Workforce Services; the Youth Futures Authority; and Metro Police Internal Affairs.
  • Sustainable Fellwood Infrastructure: $3.7 million
    The City of Savannah invested in the construction of new roadways, parks and an expanded water and sewer system in preparation for the construction of 110 environmentally-friendly, energy efficient housing units on the 27-acre former Fellwood Homes site.
  • Moses Jackson Advancement Center: $1.6 million
    A multi-purpose training and development facility developed to help citizens improve their opportunities for employment and financial security through ongoing training and development. Programs and services are made available on-site through partnerships with multiple local educational institutions, business partners, and area nonprofits.
  • Forsyth Park Fort and Bandshell: $1.5 million
    In 2009 the City renovated the long-vacant and deteriorating historic fort in Forsyth Park into a state-of-the-art visitors center and café complete with public bathrooms. An elevated performance stage and acoustic shell for outdoor concerts  and performances was also included in the renovations.
 Complete Facilities Project List
RR Roundhouse Battlefield Park  $    190,000.00 Sylvan Terrace Irrigation System  $       98,465.00
Electric Street Cars  $    170,000.00 Youth Advancement Center  $     416,000.00
Hwy 21/Snow Green Land  $  1,600,000.00 Savannah Gardens Phase I  $     242,766.00
Railroad Property Acquisition  $  3,590,551.00 Ogeechee Public Row Improvements  $     100,000.00
History Museum Bldg Repair  $      15,000.00 West 57th Street Blvd.  $     484,599.00
Forsyth Park Fort  $  1,003,550.00 WS-Acquisition Moses Jackson Property  $     128,868.00
Ellis Square Parking Garage  $  1,691,000.00 WS Augusta Avenue-5 Buildings  $  1,004,989.00
Savannah Gardens Phase I  $           872.00 Midtown Acquisition  $     433,352.00
Band Shell  $    577,950.00 Municipal Parking Lot  $       31,900.00
Fire Capital Outlay  $    172,566.00 West Savannah & Corridors  $       15,000.00
Cultural Arts Center  $  3,000,000.00 Entrepreneurial Center Parking  $     100,000.00
Westside Land Assemblage  $  2,759,500.00 New Cc Arena  $ 19,462,178.00
Battlefield Park Roundhouse Roof  $      21,335.00 St. Pius Assessment  $     500,000.00
Hope 6 Infrastructure  $  1,930,814.00 Bacon Park Tennis Bldg  $  1,151,279.77
Gate Precast Property Acquisition  $    240,500.00 Grayson Stadium Renov  $  3,000,000.00
Paulsen Building Purchase/Renovation  $  2,400,000.00 Cultural Arts Center  $ 17,400,000.00
Roof Replacement Community Planning  $      73,520.00 Westside Land Assemblge  $  1,602,822.09
Ellis Square Parking Garage  $  7,114,296.00 Fellwood Homes Site Inf  $  3,753,994.67
Moses Jackson-Phase 2  $  1,049,424.00 Sav Gardens Phase I  $ 10,960,000.00
Bacon Park Clubhouse Renovations  $    380,000.00 West Bay St Acquisitns  $     300,000.00
MURP II  $    434,934.00 Savannah Pharmacy  $  2,000,000.00
Housing Construction Svc. Office  $        1,480.00 Coffee Blf Fishing Pier  $  4,140,000.00
Carver Heights Community Center  $    351,000.00 Savannah Svcs Complex  $     495,802.83