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What is SPLOST?
The Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax is a voter-approved 1% tax on taxable goods in Chatham County that can only be used for certain kinds of construction expenses.

Is that the only sales tax we have?
SPLOST is 1% of an overall 7% sales tax in Chatham County. When you go to the store and purchase a $1.00 soda, you pay 7 cents in sales tax. Of those 7 pennies, 4 pennies go to the State of Georgia. The remaining 3 pennies stay in Chatham County.

How are our 3 pennies divided?
Of those 3 pennies, the first penny goes to E-SPLOST, which is used by the school system for capital projects like new schools and technology. The second penny, called LOST, is divided amongst the County and 8 municipalities for general expenditures. The third penny is SPLOST, and is divided amongst the same jurisdictions for capital projects.

How is SPLOST divided?

As the County and Cities prepare to go to voters to ask them to renew SPLOST, they must decide how much each jurisdiction will receive. To do this, planners must make certain estimates about how much revenue the sales tax will generate during the six-year collection period. Intergovernmental Agreements between each City and the County include the planned distribution and use of the projected revenue. You can read the Intergovernmental Agreement between Chatham County and the City of Savannah for the 2014 SPLOST 6 below.

What City of Savannah projects have been funded by each SPLOST referendum?
To view the City of Savannah project list for each SPLOST referendum, use the navigation menu to the left or click one of the links below: