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Fee list
 Sanitation Fee Schedule - As of December 2017
(Fees are subject to change by City Council action)
Residential Refuse Collection  
Solid waste fee   $33.50 per month
Additional collection carts   $50 per cart
 Cart return fee  $25
 Trash Overflow  $25
 Special Collection fee - first 15 minutes  $25
Every additional 15 minutes  $7
Street Cleaning  
 Parking in a sweeping zone  $25
 Recycling & Litter  
 Recycling cart contamination fee  $25
Additional Recycling Cart  $50
Property Maintenance  
 Parking in yard  $25
Lot clearing administration fee  $165
Building condemnation/demolition administration fee  $300
Re-inspection Fee(initial)  $50
 Second & subsequent re-inspection fee  $100