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1 All applications (located below) must be fully completed and returned with supporting documents. Please bring all documents to 132 E. Broughton St., Second Floor for processing.
 2 All applications for Alcohol License must be completed in full. Every item on the application should be read carefully and completed; incomplete application will not be accepted.
 3 Applications could take up to 30 to 45 days before approval is granted. If building is new or being renovated, Certificate of Occupancy is required before an Alcohol license is issued.
 4  All of the following documents must be submitted at the time of filing. Note: If the applicant is not a Chatham County resident, then the designated manager must be a Chatham County resident; all applicants must provide the following documents:
  • Proof of United States Citizenship
  • (Certified U.S. Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization, U.S. Passport, Marriage License)
  • Proof of Chatham County Residency (Lease or Deed to resident and a Utility statement)
  • Authorization Release Form
  • Sunday Sales Affidavit (Restaurant, Hotel, Motel & Inns)
  • Savannah Police Department Notification Slip
  • Original Alcohol License ( For Transfer Only)
  • Copy of ownership, purchase agreement or sales contract
  • Contact the Neighborhood Association President to discuss operational plans.
  • Copy of the Business Operational Plans
All applicants must be fingerprinted at the SCMPD Forensic Unit located on Police Memorial Dr. at the Police Annex building off Chatham Parkway between the hours of 1:30 and 4:30 Tuesday and Thursday only.

Notice: Applications will not be forwarded to the Clerk of Council to be scheduled for a public hearing before City Council until a fully completed application with all required supporting documents, affidavits, and all required fees are received in the Revenue Department.