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Utility Billing FAQ
As you are aware, the City has implemented a new utility billing system. The transition has not been smooth, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Earlier this year, we experienced significant delays in getting out our utility bills, which are normally sent to customers about every two months. We’ve been playing catch-up ever since. 

To help bring us closer to a normal schedule by the start of 2017, we will only send out five utility bills for services in 2016, instead of the normal six. To ensure critical services remain funded, the base charges for sanitation, water, and sewer services that would have normally shown up on your sixth bill of the year have instead been cut in half and spread out over the fourth and fifth bills of the year. As an example, if your usual base rate for water is $11.06, the charge on your fourth and fifth bills will be $11.06 + $5.53 (1/2 of your normal base rate) or $16.59.

While this short-term modification will not increase the total amount you will pay for the services received in 2016, we understand it may still cause challenges for some of our customers. We will be happy to work with any customer who may be experiencing difficulties and are committed to assisting all customers who have questions or would like will further information. Please feel free to contact the Utility Services Division at (912) 651-6460.
Click to EnlargeWhat are base charges for?
Separate from personal usage charges, base charges are a fee paid by all customers for access to the water, sewer and sanitation services.
Why is my vacant property being billed for base charges?
All properties, including those that are vacant, are billed base charges. Even if no water is used at the property, the City of Savannah still maintains the service and will continue billing the base charge.

Why am I only receiving five bills instead of six?

The City of Savannah usually issues six bi-monthly bills for customers each year. Each of the six bills covered personal usage and base charges during the year. Due to the delay in billing this year, customers will receive five bills for personal usage and base charges. This means that some billing periods will be for longer days of service and the normal six base charges will be spread over five bills instead of six. You will notice an increase in base charges on your last two bills of the year.

When can I expect to start receiving my bills on time again?
Very soon. We have started to return back to bi-monthly billing. You will notice that your final bill(s) for the year will have normal (55-70) days of service.