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Sanitation Bureau
Sanitation Bureau Mission
The mission of the Sanitation Bureau is to provide solid waste management and code enforcement services to promote community and environmental health and neighborhood vitality with excellent customer service through effective work programs that:
  • Meet or surpass mandated standards
  • Ensure timely cleanliness of City streets
  • Lanes and rights of way
  • Ensure compliance with applicable ordinances
  • Provide for the efficient management, collection, reclamation, recycling, and disposal of residential and commercial solid waste  generated within the City of Savannah

The Sanitation Bureau Chief oversees the following departments:

bulk item
 Sanitation Fee Schedule - As of January 2018
(Fees are subject to change by City Council action)
Residential Refuse Collection  
Solid Waste Fee:   $34.51 per month
Additional Collection Carts:   $50 per cart
 Cart Return Fee:  $25
 Trash Overflow:  $25
 Special Collection Fee - first 15 minutes:  $50
Every Additional 15 minutes:  $25
 Special Collection Fee (Commercial Activity):  $100
Street Cleaning  
 Parking in a Sweeping Zone:  $25
 Recycling & Litter  
 Recycling Cart Contamination Fee:  $25
Additional Recycling Cart:  $50
Property Maintenance  
 Parking in Yard:  $25
Lot Clearing Administration Fee:  $165
Building Condemnation/Demolition Administration Fee:  $300
Re-inspection Fee(initial):  $50
 Second & Subsequent Re-inspection Fee:  $100

Contact Us
Gene Prevatt
Sanitation Director

P.O. Box 1027
Savannah, GA 31401

Ph: (912) 651-6579
Fx: (912) 651-6497

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Service Requests
Call 311 or (912) 651-6565