The following is required for a traditional paper submittal for a site development permit within the City of Savannah:

  1. Eight (8) full size (18” x 24”) copies of the Specific Development Plan (Construction Plans), including Landscape Plan
  2. One (1) 8-1/2” x 11” reduced copy of site plan
  3. Completed Site Plan Application - click here for link
  4. Complete Application Checklist - click here for link
  5. Site Plan Review Fee and Technology Fee (see application)
  6. Stormwater, Water Distribution, and Wastewater Design Calculations, as applicable
  7. The following Water and Sewer Exhibit forms, as applicable - click herefor link
    1. Exhibit 1 - Proposed Sanitary Sewer Collection System Analysis Data Form
    2. Exhibit 2 - Proposed Water System Inventory Data Form
    3. Exhibit 3 - Sizing and Selection of Water Meters
    4. Exhibit 4 - Proposed Water Distribution System Analysis Data Form
    5. Exhibit 5 - Fire System and Back Flow Prevention Devices Owner/Client Declaration
    6. Exhibit 6 - Sanitary Sewer Extension Submittal
    7. Exhibit 7 - Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) Calculation (water usage)
    8. Exhibit 8 - Fire Protection Design Requirements

Click here for a link to the Site Development Plan Permit Process Flow Chart. This flow chart contains contact names and numbers of each person at each step of the process.

If the disturbed area of your project is one acre or greater or is within 200 feet of state waters, the following must also be included in your submittal:

  1. Erosion Control Fee: $40 per disturbed acre payable to the City of Savannah (see Site Plan Application)
  2. One copy of each of the following items, which must be submitted to EPD two weeks prior to the start of construction:
    1. Notice of Intent (NOI) - click here for link
    2. EPD Fee Form and fee check payable to the EPD ($40 per disturbed acre) - click here for link
  3. One copy of the Application for Land Disturbing Activity Permits and $50 donation check submitted to the Georgia Coastal Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC). Contact their office at or 912-459-2070 for more information. This application must be made to the GSWCC directly. ***NOTE: A site permit will not be issued without this approval.***

Submit Site Plan Permit Package to City of Savannah Development Services, Attn: Robert Brannen, at:

  • 20 Interchange Drive, Savannah, GA 31415 (by hand-delivery) OR
  • P.O. Box 1027, Savannah, GA 31402 (by mail)

Site Plan Review (SPR) meetings (pre- and post-application) occur on Mondays and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. at the Development Services office at 5515 Abercorn Street. Please email or call Robert Brannen (email, 912-651-6510, Ext. 1937) or Jian Fei, (email,  (912) 651-6510 ext. 2850) to be placed on the agenda. It could be helpful to attend a meeting either prior to submitting your application or immediately following submittal to walk the plan review team through your plans.

Other information that may be helpful in preparing your Specific Development Plan Submittal:

  • Plan Review Checklists for all plan reviewing departments (Park and Tree, Stormwater, Streets, Traffic, Water and Sewer) - click here for link
  • Standard Construction Details (in.dwg and.pdf formats) - click here for link
  • City Specifications - click here for link
  • Other Design Guidance information - click here for link and see menu at left
  • Project Closeout Requirements - click here for link

The City of Savannah uses a website called eTRAC for online permit tracking. For information on how to use this site to track your projects as they go through the permitting process, click here. There are Quick Reference Guides available, as well as more detailed PowerPoint presentation slides from when we did a training class to the local design community on how to use the website.