Storage Shed Permit Information

A building permit is not required for storage sheds that are one story in height and less than 120 square feet (s.f.). If the shed is 120 s.f. or greater (or more than one story), a building permit will be needed.

Zoning must be contacted to check setbacks from the property line required in the zoning district, and also lot coverages. Contact Tiras Petrea at 651-6510 ext. 1839 for zoning information, or submit a Zoning Information Request Form to request the zoning information for your address.

If there will be power to the shed, an electrical permit will be needed. If the shed is 120 s.f. or greater, electrical can be included in the All-inclusive Building Permit application. Otherwise, a stand-alone electrical permit will be needed.

If you are a homeowner desiring to perform construction on your own residence, submit the Owner-Occupant of Single Family Residence Permit Affidavit, also called the Homeowner Affidavit (This form may be obtained at our office from the Senior Plans Examiner). In this case, the Building Permit or stand-alone Electrical Permit Application can be submitted by the homeowner rather than a licensed contractor.

If you are not the property owner performing work on your residence, a licensed contractor must perform the work. All stand-alone electrical permits of this nature must be submitted online through the eTRAC online permit tracking system. You must be a licensed contractor to apply online for an electrical permit, and you must be registered with eTRAC and logged in to apply for a permit. Click here to access the eTRAC Quick Reference Guide for Online Electrical Stand-alone Permits.