SGTV Engage


Savannah Government's ENGAGE SGTV showcases creative work from across the local spectrum of pros, semi-pros, students, kids and just general goof offs. We've run everything from a four minute film on The Marine Corps Recruiting Station at Parris Island to a thirty minute video installation of color and sound, a walk through a show at the Jepson with a helmet-mounted GoPro and a profile of an artist who creates pieces out of salt.  Anything that might be of interest to you might be of interest to someone else … so we're probably interested - as long as it's made by someone in or around Savannah or has some sort of link to the area.  So pull that old film out of the desk drawer or when you're putting together your high school festival of student films or shooting your kiteboarding sessions out on Tybee, think of us.

While we can't pay, we do offer exposure to an area-wide audience. More than 55,000 households in Chatham County have access to SGTV via Comcast Channel 8, and just about everything goes on our Facebook page.  

To submit a proposal, fill out the form online. The City reserves the right to reject any programming that does not meet its content requirements (please no or only very mild profanity, no nudity, and be respectful, we have kids watching). But our tastes are broad and we like fresh perspectives on the life we live here so give us a try.