Street Adoption

What is Adopt-A-Street?

Adopt-A-Street is a litter control program sponsored by the City of Savannah and Keep Savannah Beautiful, to attract public involvement in picking up litter along City thoroughfares.

Litter along City streets has reached an epidemic stage. Keeping our streets clear of litter has proven to be a very time consuming and extremely expensive operation for the City of Savannah.

 Who Can Adopt?

Any civic-minded organization, such as Garden Clubs, Neighborhood Organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Groups, Junior or Senior High Student Councils, FFA/FHA, Rotary Clubs, etc. can adopt a stretch of street (one mile minimum) leading into their community.

What Are The Responsibilities of An Adopting Organization?

Through such adoption, an organization would have responsibility of controlling the litter problem within that section of street.  In addition, the organization will:

             - Develop a functional plan that will influence and encourage the public to improve the appearance of adopted street

- Plan for a general cleanup eight times a year

- Assist Keep Savannah Beautiful in securing media coverage for the program

             - Coordinate with the City’s personnel and Keep Savannah Beautiful to carry out the plan

What are the responsibilities of Keep Savannah Beautiful?

The City of Savannah/K.S.B. will:

*  Furnish an Adopt-a-Street sign stating the responsible organization, to be posted at adopted site.

*  Provide assistance to remove debris collected at the adoptive site.

*  Provide safety vests, gloves and plastic bags to aid in the litter removal activities.

What are the benefits to the Community and City?

The obvious benefit is the beautification and enhancement of previously blighted areas. Volunteers removing the litter and maintaining a site saves Sanitation and Property Maintenance Department man-hours cleaning and inspecting blighted areas, thus saving public tax dollars. The increased citizen involvement in litter control and beautification will strengthen community and neighborhood pride as well.

 Any interested group should contact:

 Quhannah N. Andrews

Keep Savannah Beautiful

P.O. Box 1027

Savannah, Georgia 31402

(912) 651-6579