Food Trucks

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Food Trucks

Applicants must complete a Mobile Food Service Unit Application and submit the application in person at City of Savannah, Special Events, Film, and Tourism Office located at One Waring Drive, Savannah, GA 313404.

Savannah City Council passed the Mobile Food Service Unit (food truck) Ordinance on August 18, 2016. The goal of the Food Truck Ordinance is to provide regulations that are fair, ensure that persons vending on private property do not impede on public space, provide a variety of goods, services, and economic opportunities to the community at large, and encourage active street level activity to enhance the urban environment.  

Read the approved Mobile Food Service Unit Ordinance

Mobile Food Service Units (MFSUs) must submit this application whether they are interested in public property sites, private property sites, or both.  Each private property location must obtain a separate approval.  Five private property locations may be included on the initial application to the City.

Mobile Food Service Units (food trucks/push carts) must get approval from the City on an annual basis and pay the yearly permit fee.

Mobile Food Service Unit Location Approval Application

Mobile Food Service Unit Private Property Application

Permit Process
Mobile Food Service Units must complete the MFSU application and obtain the following permits, licenses, and approval in order to legally operate:

  • Health Department Permit and Inspection Certificate for Base of Operations,
  • Mobile Food Service Unit (MFSU) Application and Fee (one per calendar year)
  • Business Tax Certificate for Base Operations, or if located outside City limits, evidence of licensing in the Base of Operation’s home jurisdiction, if applicable Business License Application Process
  • City of Savannah Fire Department Inspection – Contact the Fire Marshal at (912) 644-5960 to schedule an inspection
  • Grease Management Plan – Food Trucks must comply with the City’s grease interceptor standards.
  • Georgia Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Georgia Motor Vehicle Driver’s License
  • Recent photograph of Food Truck/Push Cart
  • Fully Executed copy of Lease Agreement for each proposed operating location
  • Sketch Plan(s) for each location illustrating the location of the MFSU, pedestrian clearance, any temporary seating, and other dimensional requirements.

    The following fees shall be applied for any mobile food service unit permits issued by the City of Savannah.
    Unit Application Fee$25.00 per Application
    Mobile Food Service Unit Annual Permit Fee$200.00 per Unit
    Mobile Food Service - Food Truck Rodeo$200 - $500.00 per unit
    First Violation:$500.00
    Second Violation within12 months following the first violation:$750.00
    Third violation within the 12 months following the first violation: $1,000 and revocation of the mobile food service unit location approvals. Mobile Food Service Unit Location Approvals will be revoked for six months from the date of the third violation.