Starting a Tour Business


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How do I start a tour business in Savannah?

The following is an outline of the process to starting a tour company in Savannah. All tour companies must be registered with the Department of Mobility & Parking Services prior to starting operations. 

1. Register Tour Company

The Department of Mobility & Parking Services requires the following:

  • Company registration form
  • A copy of your business model/plan
  • Registration of all tour guides who are working as an employee or independent contractor of the tour service company
  • A map of tour route(s) to include starting/ending points
  • Times the tour will be operating

Tour Company Registration

2. Tour Service Vehicles

The Department of Mobility & Parking Services requires all motorized and non-motorized tour service vehicles to have an annual inspection. 

Please note, all vehicles must comply with the state of Georgia requirements prior to receiving an annual commercial decal. Visit for requirements.

3. Business Tax Certificate 

Upon completing steps 1 and 2, the applicant will need to obtain a business tax certificate from the Revenue Department.

4. Approval of Tour Company Registration

Once the Department of Mobility & Parking Services has been notified that a business tax certificate has been issued, a letter will be mailed to the business with notification of official registration.

5. Annual Renewals

Tour companies must renew their registration annually by submitting the company registration form to the Department of Mobility & Parking Services along with proof of a current business tax certificate number or a copy of the receipt, tour routes, certificate of insurance. When registration is successfully renewed, tour companies will receive official notification from the City.