Aging Services Advisory Council


The Aging Services Advisory Council is comprised of volunteers representing seniors, persons with disabilities, and caregivers residing in the Coastal Georgia region. Members of the Council are a diverse group of individuals possessing a wide-range of life skills, knowledge and experiences which serve to assist the Area Agency on Aging as it strives to:

Meet the needs of seniors at risk;

Advocate for improved services for the elderly and disabled; and to,

Educate our elected officials and others about issues impacting the elderly and disabled.

This Council meets quarterly in Richmond Hill, Georgia and from time to time meets with staff to review budgets; get updates on new programs; and provide input on how current and new programs are developed.

Twenty-nine (29) members with two (2) members appointed by City Council to represent the City of Savannah on the Coastal Georgia Regional Redevelopment Center Aging Services Advisory Council.

Min. Requirements:
Members appointed by the City of Savannah must be over the age of 60 and at least one must be a minority representative.

Three (3) year terms

Current Members Appointed by the City of Savannah:




Dr. Daniel Brantley




For more information, please contact:

Pamela Rogers, Aging Services Director
912-437-0840 (Office Phone)
912-437-0801 (Fax)

Coastal Regional Commission
1181 Coastal Drive SW
Darien, GA 31305