Filming Road Closures

Telfair Academy – Filming Impacts
Wednesday, August 21, 5 AM 10 PM

Traffic flow will be limited on State Street and York Street between Jefferson Street and Barnard Street. President Street between Jefferson and Barnard will be closed.

City Hall – Filming Impacts
Saturday, August 24th at 2PM  Monday, August 26 at 10 AM
Bull Street between Bryan Street and Bay Street will be closed.

Sunday, August 25 at 4 PM Monday, August 26 at 2 AM
Bay St will be closed between Drayton Street and Whitaker Street. Expectimpacts to Johnson Square and surrounding streets.

Forsyth Park – Filming Impacts

Thursday, August 29 at6:30 PM  Friday, August 30 at 6 AM
The north side of Forsyth Park will be used for filming during this time.Surrounding roads will be closed.
Congress Street – Filming Impacts
Sunday, August 25 at 7 PM  Monday, August 26 at 10 PM

Congress Street between Franklin Square and Barnard Street and Jefferson Streetbetween Broughton Street and Bryan Street will be closed. The southwest side ofEllis Square will also be closed