Payment Arrangements

The City of Savannah understands that our customers may occasionally fall behind on their bills. We offer arrangements to help you get caught up and back on track with on-time payment. Terms for payment arrangements can be found below. For more information on starting a payment arrangement, please contact us at (912) 651-6460.

If you are a low-income senior or disabled resident, please review the Community Assistance document for more information on programs which may qualify you for a utility bill discount or further assistance.

Customers should note the following before entering into a payment arrangement:

  • Short Term Agreement (30 day maximum): This payment option allows the customer to maintain utility services during an extended amount of time. The past due balance will become due within a period not to exceed 30 days from arrangement date. No other arrangements can be made until the account is paid to a zero balance. No more than two (2) short term agreements will be permitted on an account within a 12 month period. 
  • Long Term Agreement/Installment Plan (Written; 180 day maximum): The payment option allows the customer to enter into a written agreement to keep service on while paying the agreed upon portion of the past due amount, along with any new utility bills as they become due. 
  • Failure to keep any portion of the verbal or written arrangement will terminate the arrangement and the customer will not be eligible for another payment arrangement. 
  • Customers in a payment arrangement will be responsible for paying their arranged payments IN ADDITION TO their regular bimonthly bills.

Payment Arrangement Terms

Past Due Balance Minimum Down Payment Arrangement Terms
$1 - $149 0% Additional 30 Days
$150 - $250 20% 60 Days
$251 - $500 25% 120 Days
$501 - $800 30% 180 Days
$801 - $1250 40% 180 Days
$1251 or more  50% 180 Days