Broughton Streetscapes

Broughton Streetscapes Rendering 1The Broughton Streetscapes Project will transform the look of Broughton Street. Currently Broughton Street is made up of a patchwork of different types of sidewalk material including concrete, brick, and tabby concrete. This project will unify the look. Highlights of the project include new brick paver sidewalks, brick paver parking, brick paver crosswalks, lighting, landscaping, hardscapes, bike racks, benches, and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessible sidewalk ramps. The project will include a festival zone, which will extend along Broughton Street from Whitaker Street to Drayton Street.  Throughout this zone, the brick paver streets will be elevated to sidewalk level, and this area will be use for special events.  The center feature of the festival zone will be a large compass rose design at the intersection of Bull Street and Broughton Street.  Although this project is a streetscape project, in order to incorporate the design features, substantial underground utility work will be required throughout the project. As part of the project, the entirety of Broughton Street will be repaved at the end of the project.

Throughout the evolution of Broughton Street over many decades, driven by an ever-growing economy, the underground infrastructure has remained relatively untouched (including water, sewer, storm drainage, cable, fiber optics, gas, and power lines). Working to complete the streetscape project while preserving the historic integrity of Broughton Street is the ultimate project goal. As the project team embarks on its journey to improve the streetscape of this historic corridor, unforeseen challenges are anticipated. As with any construction, these challenges can affect the project’s overall schedule. Fortunately, the project team is dedicated to resolving and working through these challenges as quickly and economically as possible, while maintaining the historic charm of Broughton Street.

The City is working with the Contractor and the design team to deliver these much needed streetscape improvements as efficiently as possible. We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding during construction. We understand that construction can be an inconvenience. We continue to work towards minimizing the impacts to surrounding residents and businesses. While vehicular traffic is limited within the working zones, pedestrian access and safety will be maintained and is considered as important as the construction itself. All of the construction activity is the means necessary to provide a finished streetscape which complements Savannah’s downtown historic area.

Phase I of the project is currently under construction and extends from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to Drayton Street. 

Note: Pedestrian access to all businesses will be maintained at all times throughout construction.

Broughton Business & Resident Survey

The City of Savannah encourages all businesses and residents to complete the below survey:

Project Communication

For information about this project, please contact:

  • Susan Broker, Sr. Director, Special Events, Film & Tourism, (912) 658-4378, email
  • Chandler Crawford, Community Outreach Coordinator, (912) 658-4855, email
  • Byron Stiles, Capital Project Manager, (912) 663-7937, email
  • Christian Shellman, Outreach Coordinator, (912) 346-5915, email

Community Zoom Meeting Information

Broughton Streetscapes Community Meetings will be held virtually through Zoom to regularly communicate project status and answer questions about the progress of the project.  

The next Zoom meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th at 5:30 pm.  

To RSVP for this meeting, please email Chandler Crawford at this email.  Please also include in the email if you would like to speak at the meeting.  The Zoom meeting link will be provided the morning of the meeting.  For access to recordings of prior meetings, please contact Chandler Crawford.  Links to the presentation information provided at previous meetings can be found below.

Road Closure Information

Intersections will be closed one at a time in succession down Broughton Street from west to east.  Each intersection closure includes Broughton Street on both sides of the intersection up to the adjacent intersection.  Please view the intersection closure exhibit here.

  • Barnard Street Intersection (Broughton St. from Jefferson St. to Whitaker St.)  **CURRENTLY CLOSED**
    • Tentative Reopening Date(Jefferson through Barnard intersection only):  
      • North Sidewalks: June 18, 2021*
      • South Sidewalks: July 26, 2021* (demo begins June 7th)
      • Paving Complete & Intersection Reopened: September 14, 2021*
    • Note: Broughton St. from Barnard St. to Whitaker St. will remain closed for the Whitaker St. Intersection Closure
  • Whitaker Street Intersection(Broughton St. from Barnard St. to Bull St.)
    • Anticipated Intersection Closure: following Barnard intersection reopening, TBD*
    • Anticipated Intersection Reopening (Barnard through Whitaker intersection only):  TBD (approx. 6-8 weeks after closure *
    • Note: Broughton St. from Whitaker St. to Bull St. will remain closed for the Bull St. Intersection Closure
  • Bull Street Intersection(Broughton St. from Whitaker St. to Drayton St.)
    • Anticipated Intersection Closure: following Whitaker intersection reopening, TBD*
    • Anticipated Intersection Reopening (Whitaker through Bull intersection only):  TBD (approx. 6-8 weeks after closure *
    • Note: Broughton St. from Bull St. to Drayton St. will remain closed for the Drayton St. Intersection Closure
  • Drayton Street Intersection(Broughton St. from Bull St. to Abercorn St.)
    • Anticipated Intersection Closure: following Bull intersection reopening, TBD*
    • Anticipated Intersection Reopening:  TBD (approx. 6-8 weeks after closure)*

*NOTE: Dates are tentative and subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances, such as unknown underground utilities. The City will make all efforts to inform the public when intersection closure dates shift

October 2021 Construction Photos

Broughton Streetscapes 10-05-21

Archived Project Construction Photo

BSS 06-02-20 (3)