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For several weeks now, many City facilities have been closed to the public as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. While this has greatly impacted our operations, it has not prevented us from operating. In fact, we have continued providing the vast majority of city services throughout this crisis period. We are also very proud of the City’s proactive approach in preparing for emergencies such as what we are faced with today.

As we continue navigating through this uncertain time our greatest priority, as always, has and will continue to be the health and safety of our residents and employees. In an effort to begin re-opening City facilities, we developed the Safer Services Re-opening Plan. We will use this plan to prepare to welcome Savannah residents back to the many city facilities that have been closed since mid-March and to provide safer services.

"Our greatest priority is the health and safety 
of our residents and employees."

Transitioning Between Phases

We will use data to determine the specific date or decisions that will need to be made in order to transition between phases. Progression to each new phase will occur at minimum every 14 days, depending on stable or declining COVID-19 metrics to include positive tests, hospitalizations and deaths. Should the opposite occur and there is an increase in the statistics we are monitoring, a decision will be made as to whether to remain in the current phase or return to a previous phase. The following chart illustrates how we will transition to each new phase.

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