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Are You Prepared For the Flu Season?

Protect Yourself and Family, Stop By One of The City's Onsite Flu Vaccination Clinics.

Why Get Vaccinated? 

The Flu vaccine can help:

    • Keep you from getting the flu

    • Make flu less severe if you do get it

    • Keep you from spreading flu to your family and others

Monday, September 25 Location & Info

Thursday, October 12 Location & Info

Wednesday, November 1 Location & Info

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Mobile Mammography Unit Coming to YOU!

Friday, September 22 Location & Info

 Friday, October 20 Location & Info

Wednesday, November 1 Location & Info

Interested in bone, joint, and muscle care? 

Attend a learning session with Dr. Steven Greer, a Savannah native who specializes in prevention of injuries, strengthening, and joint flexibility management. 

Wednesday, September 13 Location & Info

Friday, September 22 Location & Info

Thursday, October 19 Location & Info

Monday, October 23 Location & Info

Earn Your SAV4Health Wellness Incentive TODAY! 

Employees can earn an estimated $1,000 in savings on their 2024 medical premiums by completing the program SAV4Health Incentive Activities before November 15th, 2023.

SAV4Health Wellness Incentive Activities Include 4 steps:

  1. Complete your Annual Check-Up with a Biometric Screening   
  2. Report the results of your Annual Check-Up visit and Biometric Screening
  3. Complete your Health Questionnaire
  4. Complete a Tobacco Affidavit

2023 Biometric Screening Form

How to Complete SAV4Health Wellness Incentive Activities:

  1. Login  
  2. Call Care Coordinators 866.360.7926  
  3. Download MyQHealth App

Click HERE to Download Your Medical Card

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