City of Savannah Retirement Plan 

The City’s Retirement Plan is a defined benefit plan. For more information on The City’s Retirement Plan please view the Pension Handbook. 

The Plan is administered by a Retirement Board consisting of eight members as follows: 

  • City Manager 
  • The Chief Financial Officer of the City 
  • A Uniformed Police Officer elected by Savannah Police personnel
  • A Uniformed Firefighter elected by Savannah Fire personnel 
  • A General Employee elected by General Personnel 
  • A member of the City Council selected by the City Council 
  • Two citizens at large selected by the Mayor and Alderman

       Current City of Savannah Pension Board Members 

Pension Board meetings are held on a quarterly basis and are open to the public. For the meeting schedule , click here 

Contact Information

Pension Contact:

Barbara Veiock, Benefits Analyst

Phone Number:

(912) 525-2407


Fax :

(912) 525-1697