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Water Works Site Pedestrian Walkway - Mural Project

About the Project

The Water Works Site Pedestrian Walkway will be a mural painted directly onto the asphalt of the Water Works Site on the Westside of Savannah which borders the Arena and developing Canal District Trail. A mural-painted pedestrian walkway, featuring the work of four artists or artist teams will connect the North-end of the site at the new Arena to the South-end of the site at Gwinnett Street. Although the murals will be a temporary installation, each mural will be used for at least a one-year term and should be painted as if permanent.

Given its importance to the site and its neighboring communities, the artwork should encompass the theme of Savannah’s Pathways which can be taken from physical pathways such as roads, nature trails and man-made paths, as well as the structures, natural and/or man-made, that line those physical pathways. Artwork will be required to adhere to a preselected color palette. For more details, see the submission information packet.
Watch the information session recording here.

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Submission Process

Application Deadline: Friday, September 17, 2021, 5:00pm ET.*
This is an extension from the original date.

Please note: Electronic responses are not accepted. Sealed proposals for the Water Works Pedestrian Walkway Mural will be received by the City of Savannah in the office of the Purchasing Director, 305 Fahm Street, Savannah, GA 31401.

Application Includes:

Statement of Interest: Explain why you (or your team) are interested in this project. Explain why you would be a good candidate and how your experience will inform how you respond to the themes and goals of the project. (1000 characters max)

Artist Resume(s): Resumes should reflect artistic experience. Teams must include resumes for all artists. No more than one (1) page per resume.

Previous Work: Submit ten (10) jpeg images of existing artwork that demonstrates an ability to complete a project of this style and scope. Applicants may provide more than one photo of an individual artwork (showing different angles or details). If applying as an artist team, identify all artists of the work.

Team Responsibilities: Clearly identify the responsibilities of each team member. Only applicable to artist team submissions and not individual artist submissions.

Concept Design: This initial concept design should reflect the overall theme in the design aesthetic the artist or artist team would like to submit and demonstrate an artistic understanding of the color scheme. Submitted concepts will not be considered final designs as they will be altered and changed during the design development phase.

Conceptual Statement: Each concept should be accompanied by a brief description detailing how the artist or artist team will be incorporating the theme, any historical reference to the area including natural, architectural, humanities, etc. and how the artist or artist team would like the public to interpret the design. (1000 characters max)

Preliminary Budget and Materials List: Provide a preliminary budget and materials list reflecting the scope of the initial concept design.

Timeline: Provide a proposed timeline for the project adhering to the outlined schedule stipulations. (See timeline below)

The following criteria will be used to determine the finalists selection:
Submittal of all required proposal materials as outlined in this RFP.
Artwork reflects authenticity and originality.
Design relevance to the site and fulfillment of the criteria outlined in the RFP
Artwork Themes and Goals.
Feasibility of the project.

Additional Information - MURAL Announcements: 

1. The budget for each artist/artist group must not exceed 15K-20K (max 20K). It will be the responsibility of the artist group to allocate, dispense and document funds accordingly. Funds will be distributed in two to three sections. Funds must be distributed to an account with a tax ID number.

2. Artist and artist groups are allowed to have a fiscal sponsor to receive funds. F.S. may include institutions, non-profits, local businesses, etc. Required to submit a tax identification number. 

3. Outside sponsorships are also allowed to help match any funding. Sponsors can be recognized on sectional mural narrative descriptions online and on-site.   

4. Artists/artist groups may collaborate with other submitting groups to apply for two consecutive sections on the pathway. 

5. Chosen submissions will have between September 15th to November 5th before MPC Historic Sites and Monuments Hearing November 7th to edit and solidify designs to fit City public art requirements and help to achieve the overall cohesiveness of the pathway as determined by the City of Savannah.

Read or download the full informational packet PDF.

Find the application online here!

Other information:

RFP Information Webinar August 18th, 2021 - Time: 2pm | Watch the Webinar Recording

RFP Application Deadline September 17th, 2021, 5:00pm ET

Finalists Notification September TBD, 2021

Design Development Phase September 2021 - October 2021

Final Designs Submitted to MPC Historic Sites and Monuments Commission October 7th, 2021

MPC HSMCommission Hearing November 7th, 2021

Installation Periods November 2021 - January 2022