Savannah's Amazing Trees

To celebrate Arbor Day 2022, the Savannah Park and Tree Commission held the SAVANNAH ARBOR DAY ART & ESSAY CONTEST, open to Savannah students in grades K-12. Students were encouraged to submit an original piece of writing or art relating to the theme "Savannah's Amazing Trees!" that expressed their interpretation of what they love about Savannah's trees - whether it was just one tree, one type of tree, or all of our trees. The following exhibit gallery showcases the winners in both the Artwork and Literary Work categories. 

Category: ARTWORK

Catherine Bock, 11th grade


  • Catherine Bock
  • 11th grade, Savannah Arts Academy
Khari Walker, 5th grade

Oldest tree in Savannah (Candler Oak)

  • Khari Michael Walker
  • 5th grade, Marshpoint Elementary School
Leah Burns, 4th grade

Beautiful Savannah Oaks

  • Leah Nicole Burns
  • 4th grade, Marshpoint Elementary School


Dana Velazquez Cardenas, 5th grade
Chase Brown, 6th grade
Isabella Evans, 9th grade

"Savannah's Amazing Trees"

  • Dana Velazquez Cardenas
  • 5th grade, Marshpoint Elementary School

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"Savannah's Amazing Trees"

  • Chase Brown
  • 6th grade, Savannah Country Day School

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"The Tree of Life"

  • Isabella Grace Evans
  • 9th grade, Savannah-Chatham E-Learning Academy (SCELA)

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