Savannah's Amazing Trees

To celebrate Georgia Arbor day

The Savannah Park and Tree Commission announces:


For Savannah students in grades K-12

Contest Theme 2021-2022: Savannah’s Amazing Trees!

Students throughout Savannah are invited to submit an original piece of art or writing that expresses their interpretation of what they love about Savannah’s trees – whether it’s just one tree, one type of tree, or all of our trees.  Each student is limited to one entry.

Winners will be announced by the Savannah Park and Tree Commission. Gift card prizes will be awarded for a selection of three submissions of art and three submissions of writing. Teachers who submit on behalf of a student will also receive a gift card, to be used for the purchase of educational materials for students.

The selected entries will be on display on City of Savannah web pages, as well as other locations.

Contest Guide:

How to enter the contest:
Savannah students in grades K-12 may submit one original piece of writing or art, relating to the theme of “Savannah’s Amazing Trees!” Each submission should be an original piece created by the student. All submissions must be entered online, at the following URL:

What formats can be entered:
Entries must be submitted online. While entries can be created in any medium, they must be submitted online in one of the following formats: Word document, JPG, or PDF. Sorry – no videos accepted.

Entries of writing can be in essay, prose, poem or other forms, but must be 500 words or less. Art entries should be limited in original size as follows: For two-dimensional art – no more than 36 inches in height and width; for three-dimensional works, no more than 30 inches in height, width and depth.
Deadlines: All entries must be submitted by April 1, 2022. Late entries will not be accepted.

Prizes: One visual art work and one literary work will be selected from high-school-age submissions, one from middle school submissions, and one from elementary/kindergarten submission ages. Each selected honoree will receive a $100 gift card. In addition, teachers who assist the selected honoree students will also receive a gift card in the same amount, to be used for the purchase of student educational materials.

The honorees selected may have their entries on display in several locations, including the City of Savannah, local media, and contest partner websites.

The City of Savannah will also plant a tree in honor of each first-place winner.

Educational Resources: To learn more about trees in general, Savannah’s trees, and Arbor Day, please visit the resources below:

Questions: email questions to the Park & Tree Commission at, please put "Tree Contest" in the subject line