The City is fortunate to have local historic and conservation districts that provide an evaluation process for the demolition of contributing and non-contributing buildings.  This helps to ensure these types of structures are preserved and the character of the district is maintained.  At this time, we have 34 historic districts that are listed or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places that have no protection for historic structures.  

To provide greater transparency, the City established a demolition policy for structures that are more than 50 years old when they are not located in a historic or conservation district.  When a property must be demolished for code related issues or when a demolition permit is received as part of the development process, the City will post information about the property on our website by the first day of the month.  This will allow any entity to research the property and determine its historic or cultural significance.  In addition, contact may be made with the property owner to discuss options of saving a structure or salvaging significant architectural elements in peril of being lost.  If you wish to receive an email when the list is updated, please click here

Another part of the demolition permit process requires the documentation of the structure prior to the permit’s approval.  The information collected includes photographs of the structures as well as scaled site plan, floor plans and exterior elevations and will be deeded to the Municipal Archives Department.  Please click here for more information. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Planning and Urban Design at 912-525-2783 or