Windsor Forest Regional Center

At Windsor Forest Regional Center, we have some great programming for the upcoming 2022 year. 2022 Winter Programs Programs start on January 10th and will run until March 18th. We hope to see you soon!

  • Cops & Community- Meeting on the 1st Monday of every month starting at 5-6 pm for ages 10-16. 
    • A fun way to meet and greet Savannah's finest. This program gives kids an inside look at safety, being more aware, and learning what it takes to be a police officer in our community. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with our police force. 
  • Financial Literacy- Meeting every Wednesday from 5-6 pm for ages 9-17.
    • Participants will learn the ABCs of money management. We will start by learning how to open a checking account and use our ATM card. Then we will get into learning how to use a checkbook as well as a check register. Finally, we will discuss the value of saving for the future. We will have different banking professionals come and talk with us.
  • Sports Skills Competition - meeting every Monday & Friday from 6-7 pm for ages 8-13
    • Sports Skills competition is a way to showcase your proficient skills. We will be doing several different sports like football, soccer, baseball, track, and many other fun competition to see how good you are. 
  • Nothing but Net- Meeting every Tuesday from 6-7:30 pm for all ages
    • Who enjoys playing badminton, volleyball, pickleball, basketball, and other sports with a net. Come out and learn a new game or show off your skills. 
  • LANDY (Learning Achievement & Nourishment for Developing Youth)- Meeting every Tuesday & Thursday from 5-6 pm for ages 8-13
    • Participants will create a STEM-based project with science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics elements. Fun and creative way to incorporate science into your life. 

You don't want to miss out on these excellent programs. To find out more, please call 912.921.2105, or you can email Earl Bryant at Windsor Forest is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-3:30 pm for the Golden Age population,11 am-8 pm for everyone else, and Saturday from 12-4 pm. 

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