Security Deposit Assistance for Renters

Security Deposit Assistance for Renters Application

General:Helps qualified renters who are unable to pay security deposits and some related expenses required to lease a home or an apartment.  Rent cannot exceed HUD published Fair Market Rents.   The property must be located in the Savannah city limits.
Property Condition:Property must be in good condition.
Typical Repairs:Not applicable.
Assistance:Up to $1,000.
Renter Income:Household incomes to be at or below 80% of area median income, as published by HUD.  Some exceptions may be made for households with extenuating circumstances, including persons experiencing homelessness.
Application Deadlines:Ongoing, year-round, providing resources remain available.
Contact:Adela Smith (912) 651-2169

Fair Market Rent Table:  FY 2022











Subject to change.