Savannah River Clean Water Fund

The City of Savannah Water Resources Department's goal is to provide clean, safe, and affordable water to its citizens. I big part in ensuring safe water for drinking, swimming, and fishing is protecting the land around the water source. Water utilities know the very best assurance of good water quality is to start with a good source of water surrounded by forested land. Trees are the "rock stars" of the natural world. The Savannah River Clean Water Fund (The Fund) is a commitment between the users of the river to share resources to keep the Savannah River Watershed forested. Keeping as much of the watershed forested ensures clean, safe, and affordable water for present and future generations.

Since 2016 the Fund has protected over 15,000 acres of forested land and completed a study to restore water flow to 12 oxbows. 

Savannah River Clean Water Fund 

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