Vessels Exhibit

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Vessels: In the Gallery through October 8, 2022

The multidisciplinary exhibit is The Telfair Museums' Friends of African American Arts (FAAA)'s exclusive members-only exhibition featuring 31 artists with works across various mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage. 

Al Scott

"Freetobe Meatthesea"
Acrylic Paint, 18"x24"
About the Artist: 

Alfred Scott is a native Washingtonian,who's recently relocated to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He received his B.F.A. in Art Education and Photography at Howard University and was a M.Ed candidate in Media Science at The University of D.C.. He was an Art and Photography teacher in the D.C. Schools' system; worked as a photographer for The Smithsonian Institution and had managed the Media Services for the Washington Convention Center. Alfred enjoys working with mixed media( macrame, weaving), photography and acrylics. He has exhibited in various galleries in D.C.

About the work:
My painting "Free to Be Me at The Sea", is an homage to my father and the Black fishermen, who worked the Atlantic coastline, especially in the low country, of South Carolina and Georgia, where the prominence of the Gullah and Geechee nation is a vibrant light of our ancestors. My father returned to Warsaw, Virginia, from World War II, and that was the only way he could make a living. If I could use my sanctified imagination, they were "vessels", in sharing their ancestral culture, being a soldier and most assuredly their family upbringing! 

Annissa Roland

"Time Travel"
Gemstone Jewelry, 18" Necklace
About the Artist:

Annissa Roland is the owner and designer of AJ Stone Jewelry. Her love of rocks began with a 9th grade earth science rock collection project and lead to designing jewelry for her self expression. Real stones illuminate beautiful colors. With unique combinations, each piece becomes a statement of self style and worth. Daily admirers of her jewelry would inquire where they could get jewelry like this. As a result, Aj Stone Jewelry was created in 2007 to provide women and men statement jewelry to express themselves. Each necklace, bracelet, and earring is one-of-a-kind, hand crafted, and made with semiprecious stones. Annissa has crafted over 4,000 pieces of jewelry for purchase, wedding parties, and custom orders. Based in Savannah, Ga, AJ Stone Jewelry is available on Etsy, at Geechie Rootz store in Pooler Tanger Outlets, Eccentric Studio One in City Market, Locally Made on Broughton Street, The Culturist Union on Bull Str. , artisan festivals, and custom design orders shipped to customers nation wide. AJ Stone Jewelry is a proud member of the Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce. 

About the Work:
Time is a vessel. Time in primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) combines willpower (yellow citrine) and passions making visions reality (red Garnet) moving us through each moment and deepening our discernment, intuition, and connection with past lives (blue lapis). Time, clock-gears, moves counter clockwise like the western African enslaved people performing the Ring Shout dance and calls back to their ancestors. The enslaved (red-blood) moving against time through the middle passage (blue-water) backwards to America over many years (yellow-Sun). The Sankofa bird charm represents learning from our past for future success. The dragonfly flying counter-clockwise represents self-actualizing over time.

Ashley Inniss

"Vessel of Mercy: 1"
Sculpture, 8"x2"
About the Artist: 
An Afro Caribbean abstract expressionist, Ashley Inniss is a painter and sculptor and deals in all avenues of creativity.

About the Work:
The personal theme formed with vessel of mercy engages the precise Che that we are vessels full of mercy and light and foregiveness has been given in full measure so likewise we pour out the same from our vessels through refined processes of silver streams. 

Branagan Arthur