2023 Parks and Squares Guest Capacity List

Common Wedding Questions

Q: Do I need a permit?

Yes. If you are planning a wedding in one of Savannah’s beautiful squares, you typically need a permit. Any wedding with chairs, aisle runners, tents, tables, or any other décor requires permission from the City of Savannah via our permit approval process. When you obtain a permit, you must hire an off-duty Savannah Police Officer for the duration of your event. 

Q: When can I apply for my permit?

You may apply as early as one year out from the month of the date you are applying.  For example, if your wedding is on July 25th, 2024, you may apply starting at 12:01 AM on July 1st, 2023.

Q: What if my wedding is very small and has no setup? 

If you are planning a small wedding with fewer than fifty people, you may proceed without a permit. Activities in the squares are on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if it’s just you, your spouse-to-be, and a few of your close friends you may not need a permit. Please check the special event calendar to see if there is already a permitted event on that day. 

Q: So what does a permit give me? 

A wedding permit provides you the assurance that the space you want for your special day will be guaranteed for you and that the general public will not interfere with your ceremony. 

Q: Am I responsible for the cleanup of my permitted area? 

Yes. You must leave the area as it was better than you found it. All trash or décor must be removed from the area completely. By applying for a wedding permit, the user agrees to be responsible for all damages caused to City property by the user’s agents, including any damages resulting from such persons’ negligence.  Any costs for damages and any unusual cleaning costs shall be assessed to the applicant.

Q: What is the difference between resident fees/non-resident fees, peak season, and off-season? 

Resident fees are offered to City of Savannah applicants with proof of residency. All other applicants pay the non-resident fees. Our peak seasons are March, April, May, September, October, and November, and will be assessed the peak season fee schedule. Other months will be assessed on the off-season fee schedule. 

Q: There is another wedding on the calendar for the same day as mine. Why is that? 

We permit up to two events per day within our parks and squares. You may notice a wedding happening a few hours away from yours. We factor in buffer time for public use and changeover of events. We do not permit overlapping events.

Q: I applied for the Forsyth Fountain and just realized there is a lot of activity in the park. Is this normal? 

Weddings held in the public right-of-way are subject to other typical activities happening within the public realm. For example, there may be street performers or a farmer's market in the distance with sound that may travel to your wedding location. There may also be vehicle noise, tours, pet sounds, etc. Please take this into consideration when planning your special day. However, remember that your immediate area will be secured and cleared for your event. 

Q: I want to get married in March! What should I expect?

The City of Savannah does not permit any events around the St. Patrick's Day celebration dates. Additionally, the fountain in Forsyth Park is dyed green at the beginning of March. We DO NOT clear the fountain color until AFTER the annual celebration. Please keep this in mind when planning your date. The block-out dates are shown on our special events calendar. 

Current Fees 

  • Application Fee: $25
  • Permit Fee (4 Hour Minimum Rental):
    • Resident: $350 (Peak / Off-Peak)
    • Non-Resident, Peak Season: $725
    • Non-Resident, Off-Peak Season: $575
  • Additional rental time: $60/per hour