Aldermanic Districts

An online, searchable map of Aldermanic Districts is available through the Savannah Area Geographical Information System (SAGIS). 

To view the district maps on SAGIS, first click the "Layer List" option from the black bar at the top of the screen.


A drop-down menu of layer options will appear. Choose "Savannah Aldermanic Districts" from the menu.


The map will now display aldermanic district boundaries.


You can also search for district information by specific address, owner’s name, or parcel PIN. Select the green map tile for Parcels at the top of the screen in the black navigational menu. A pop-up menu for Parcel Search will appear. Choose address, owner name or PIN from the "Select by:" drop-down menu.


Click on the highlighted parcel to display an informational panel, which includes aldermanic district.