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If Savannah’s Trees Could Talk…

They’d tell you about pirates, cotton, and a revolutionary town plan dating to 1733. They’d tell you about a citizenry that treats hospitality as an art form, of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration that defies description, and of a city’s beauty so profound that it stopped even General William Tecumseh Sherman in his tracks.

They’d tell you about a group of women who banded together to protect this historic treasure, inventing the modern preservation movement in the process.

And then those same trees - an urban canopy unequalled in the United States - would offer a more recent story. They’d tell you about things happening on the Coast that are transforming Georgia’s first city into one of the most dynamic and creative economies in the southeast.

A Modern Innovation

Behind Savannah’s historic facade are vibrant, forward-thinking residents, a progressive government, and an innovative business community. Underneath those cobble-stoned streets lie 38 miles of fiber optic cable. Those jaw-dropping container ships that lumber past our picture post card waterfront? They’re headed to the fastest growing and fourth busiest port in the nation.

Savannah’s got a history of technological innovation - we built the first cotton gin, and the first steamship that crossed the ocean - so we’ve got it in our veins. We’re headquarters to a host of technology-related business, everything from giant Gulfstream Aerospace to smaller graphic design and software development pioneers.

We’ve become a magnet for creative talent, and why not? Art galleries are everywhere. One of the world’s most respected design schools - the Savannah College of Art and Design - calls us home. The Savannah Music Festival has grown into one of the largest and most diverse music festivals on the East Coast. The Times of London placed it on its list of “The best events around the world in 2009” - the only event in the United States to make the cut.

Artists, musicians and writers have long been a fan of our jewel box squares and seductive coastline, serving as the muse for many accomplished creative practitioners. Johnny Mercer, of “Moon River” fame, was a native and is buried at Bonaventure Cemetery surrounded by his lyrics engraved in stone. Writers Conrad Aiken and Flannery O’Conner both hailed from here. Fascinating artists discover the Savannah muse each year.

The Most Beautiful City

Savannah’s charm is something out of a fairytale - it’s the most beautiful city in the nation. We’re not just saying that - we’ve actually earned the bragging rights on this one. USA Weekend Magazine declared Savannah one of the “top 10 Most Beautiful Places in America.” The New York Times named us one of the “World’s Top Ten Trendy Travel Hot Spots.” Conde Nast Traveler picked us as a “Top 10 U.S City to Visit.” Southern Living placed us as second on its “Best Southern City” list. And Outlook Magazine called us one of the “Top 25 Places to Live and Work.”

When you’re in Savannah, you know it. The City’s character has ripened over time by looking to our heritage - honoring and loving it - then driving change to realize dreams. Our gnarled, twisting trees - some hundreds of years old - have witnessed this change, but remain firmly rooted in our community’s history. If they could talk, these trees would spin remarkable tales of Savannah’s past. But they would tell even better stories about what lies ahead.