Water Resources

Outdoor watering schedule

It's Spring! A time for hope and renewal which means more than ever in 2021. As you begin to water your lawns and gardens follow these tips for more efficient but less costly watering:

  • Follow the outdoor water schedule which is 3 days per week before 10AM and after 4PM. 
  • Limit regular irrigation to the lawn. After a year or two in the ground trees and shrubs don't need supplemental watering.
  • Install soil moisture sensors or rain gauges so you know when your lawn needs water.
  • Contact Staff to find out how much your irrigation water is costing on your water bill Cost of Irrigation  

About the Water Resources Division

The Water Resources Department promotes public health and safety through thoughtful management of our water resources and greenspaces. We plan and promote for the efficient use of our drinking water and ensure the water you use is treated properly before it flows back out into the environment to be used again. We work on stormwater pipes and canals to protect the community from flooding and ask for your help to capture and reuse this resource on your property. We employ and care for a mighty urban forest of over 85,000 trees. This forest cleans our air, soaks up stormwater, reduces heat, and provides for our amazing urban wildlife. 
Below are links to 2 important documents. The first is the 2019 Source Water Protection Plan. The second is the library on water quality reports

Savannah River Source Water Protection Plan

 For the latest water quality report click Water Quality