Water Resources

About the Water Resources Division

The Water Resources Department promotes public health and safety through thoughtful management of our water resources and greenspaces. We plan and promote for the efficient use of our drinking water and ensure the water you use is treated properly before it flows back out into the environment to be used again. We work on stormwater pipes and canals to protect the community from flooding and ask for your help to capture and reuse this resource on your property. We employ and care for a mighty urban forest of  over 85,000 trees. This forest cleans our air, soaks up stormwater, reduces heat, and provides for our amazing urban wildlife. 
Below are links that describe Savannah's commitment to protecting our water resources. 

The Fund

Savannah River Source Water Protection Plan

For the latest water quality report click Water Quality



As nature wakes up from a short winter's nap let's smell the flowers, enjoy the birds singing and.....

Conserve water by 

Letting your grass wake up slowly. Don't rush and throw out fertilizers or herbicides. It's too late for herbicides and you will harm your grass by fertilizing too early. Fertilize in May only if needed.