Residential Refuse Collection

Department Services

The employees of the Residential Refuse Collection Department face many challenges in the performance of their duties. Through it all, employees remain committed and dedicated to serving the citizens of Savannah.

  • Residential refuse carts should be placed at curbside by 7 a.m. on the day of collection and removed from curbside after collection by 7 p.m. on collection day.
  • Only household garbage should be placed in the cart provided by the City.
  • Leaves and grass cuttings should be bagged in biodegradable brown bags and placed curbside along with your cart to be collected weekly, the day following regular curbside refuse collection. There is a 15 bag limit weekly.
  • Fees will be imposed on collections for garbage overflow, bulk items placed out off schedule, yard waste collection for more than 15 bags per week, yard waste in plastic bags, a pile of limbs or branches that takes more than five minutes to collect.
    • Collections made from vacant rental property or from commercial establishments will also incur a fee.
    • Fees are based upon the current City of Savannah Revenue Code.

Needs Assistance Program

Savannah residents 65 years and older may request assistance with their weekly trash and recycling pickup. If approved, residents with no abled body persons residing with them can place their cart at their backdoor where it will be collected, emptied, and returned. Subject to approval.
City Ordinance

Contact (912) 651-6582 for further information. Service requests should be called into 311.


The mission of the Residential Refuse Collection department is to provide once-weekly curbside refuse, bulk items, and yard waste collection to City residents.

This mission is accomplished through the following work programs:

  • Trash Pick-Up
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Bulk Item Collection
  • Obtaining a Trash Cart
  • Special Collections
  • Trash Cart Information