Dream Maker Information for Home Builders

The Application Dream Maker (DM 3) Infill Housing Development Requirements (guidelines) went into effect on February 01, 2010. The house must be built to the New Construction Specifications, at a minimum, be “Earthcraft” certified and must be pre-approved by the Department of Housing (DOH) prior to the start of construction. If the Project is approved, a Project approval will be issued in writing.

All projects, prior to final approval for the DM3 program, will need the following items submitted:

  1. Application
  2. House Plans
  3. Lot survey
  4. Site plan drawn to scale (i.e.1” = 10’; professionally drawn)

With a DM3 approved house, the assistance a qualified buyer will be eligible for varies depending on the neighborhood. If the house is not built to these DM3 standards, an eligible buyer would qualify for at least $1,000 usually up to $10,000 depending on the neighborhood. The DOH will make the final determination on how much assistance a buyer will qualify for when they make application.