Walking Trails & Bike Paths

WALKING TRAILSLooking for a unique place to take a walk? Consider exploring the following Walking Trails.
DAFFIN PARKA paved sidewalk and a rubberized trail completely outlines the perimeter of Daffin Park and is 1.5 miles around. The rubberized trail, named in honor of Robert Espinoza, is perfect for runners. The concrete sidewalk is eight feet wide and has no incline, which makes it handicapped accessible. For a shorter walk, try the lighted sidewalk around Daffin Lake – it’s 1/3 mile around.
FORSYTH PARKThis is the southernmost boundary of the Historical District. Paved, lighted sidewalks are handicapped accessible and surround Savannah’s most popular walking trail. The distance around the 30-acre park is 1.5 miles. The northern part of the park has 44 trees per acre with the predominant tree being the Live Oak and the predominant shrub being the azalea.
BOWLES FORDLighted, paved walking trails surround the 16-acre lake. The distance around is .7 miles. Bowles Ford is located just off Stiles Avenue, near the Cloverdale neighborhood.
TATEMVILLE PARKLighted, paved walking trails surround the 20-acre lake. The distance around is .7 miles. Tatemville is located just off Staley Avenue, turn right off Staley Avenue on Coleman Street.
SAVANNAH-OGEECHEE CANALStroll through scenic river swamp forest along old Jenkes Toll Road; there are some rough sections. Children are welcome; dogs on a leash are permitted. Members free, adult visitors $5.00, Seniors $3.00, Children 7-17 $3.00, Military $3.00. Annual memberships are $40 for individual, $65 for a couple, $80 for a family and $150 to become a Friend of the Ogeechee. The Savannah-Ogeechee Canal is off GA 204 , 2.3 miles west of I-95. The site includes locks 5 and 6 of the original canal that began operation in 1831. 
MOHAWK LAKEThe 17-acre lake located at 1132 Mohawk Street offers open space and fishing.
JOE TRIBBLE PARKThis 51-acre park located at 12519 Largo Drive in the Windsor Forest Neighborhood includes an 11-acre lake, .568 miles paved and lighted sidewalk, open space, and the park is handicapped accessible.
FERNWOOD/PARKWOOD WALKING TRAILFernwood/Parkwood walking Trail is located at 2236 N. Fernwood Dr. The .2 mile paved and lighted walking trail with lighting was designed as a product of the City’s Floodways to Greenways Program which City Council endorsed in 2009. Floodways to Greenways is a new way of addressing drainage issues, combining Storm water infrastructure with community amenities like passive parks and gardens. The City’s Water Resources Bureau has planned events throughout the year to introduce the unique ecological benefits of the new Fernwood/Parkwood Trail.
Located at 1401 Mills B Lane Boulevard has a lighted, paved walking trail which surrounds the 3 acre lake. The distance around the lake is .331 miles.

CANN PARK                              Located at 46th and Bulloch St. and  includes a rubberized track with lights around                                                                                   perimeter of the park which is .2 mile in distance.

EDGEMERE SACKVILLE          Located at 58th &Cedar St. includes a 1/8 mile lighted walking trail within the park.

SYLVAN TERRACE PARK        Located at Montgomery St. and Berkeley Place includes rubberized track, lights, fitness equipment                                                       and the distance is 1/7 mile.

WEST TO EAST CORRIDOR52nd Street to Ward Street to LaRoche Avenue to the entrance of Savannah State University.
NORTH TO SOUTH CORRIDORHabersham Street to Stephenson Avenue to Hodgson Memorial Drive to Edgewater Drive to Hillyer Drive to Dyches Drive to Lorwood Drive to Tibet Avenue to Largo Drive to Windsor Road to Science Drive.
MCQUEEN’S ISLAND TRAILU.S. Highway 80 East, the trail provides 6 miles for hiking and biking between Bull River and Fort Pulaski.