Land Bank Authority

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Mission Statement

The Land Bank Authority’s mission is the conversion of vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties into productive use.

Department Services

The Authority’s primary focus is to acquire tax-delinquent properties of the City and the County and return them to a revenue generating state. The goals of the Land Bank are to convert tax delinquent properties; redevelop distressed Urban Areas; discourage tax delinquency, facilitate beneficial land use; encourage investment; avoid tax sale title problems; and reduce blight in our communities.

Our main objectives are:

• Acquire tax delinquent, non-revenue generating property and return to productive use;

• The sale of land and property for the development of affordable housing;

• The abatement of delinquent taxes.

In reaching its mission, the Land Bank has incorporated the Delinquent Tax Abatement Programto address tax delinquency issues and encourage investment in tax delinquent property. Also, the Land Bank has established a “Side Yard” Program to address abandoned properties that are considered too small for development.

The Land Bank Authority works collaboratively with several City and County departments to fulfill the mission and produce housing, new industry, jobs and tax revenue for Chatham County.