What kind of bonds does the City require?
The four basic types of bonds are:

1. Completion Bond – Needed to ensure completion of any punchlist items remaining from the site work final inspection as well as acceptance of as-built drawings. This bond is for commercial projects only and has a 12 month, automatically renewing term.
2. Utility Warranty Bond – Needed to provide a 14-month warranty for all new publicly maintained infrastructure, as well as work within the public right-of-way. Bond must be provided in the amount of 10% of the total cost of the publicly maintained improvements, and has a 14 month, automatically renewing term.
3. Landscape Warranty Bond – Needed to ensure required landscaping and trees are maintained during the 2 year warranty period. This bond has a 24 month, automatically renewing term (26 months is recommended to avoid potential renewal fees).
4. Construction Bond – Needed prior to the recording of a subdivision plat when the new subdivision requires additional infrastructure to serve new lots.

Visit the Project Closeout Requirements web page, “Bonding Requirements” on www.savannahga.gov, for more information.Project Closeout- Bonding Requirements

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