Can I burn trash and yard debris?

No. Open burning and bonfires are prohibited under City ordinance. 

Bonfires for ceremonial purposes require a $50 bonfire permit issued by the Fire Prevention Office. Fire equipment fees also apply if fire department equipment is deemed necessary by fire prevention officials.

Other forms of open burning can be conducted on commercial and private property ONLY UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS WHEN THE PRIMARY PURPOSE IS FOR FOOD PREPARATION OR PROVIDING WARMTH:

  • In an approved container and not less than 15 feet from a structure
  • On the ground and not less than 50 feet from a structure for piles greater than 3’ x 2’
  • On the ground and not less than 25 feet from a structure for piles greater than 3’ x 2’ 
  • Charcoal and LP gas cooking devices must be used not less than 10 feet from combustible construction
  • Fires must be constantly attended
  • A means to extinguish the fire - such as a fire extinguisher, garden hose, buckets of water, available dirt, or sand - must be on hand
  • Measures to insure the fire cannot spread must have been taken
  • Must not burn materials that cause a hazardous or objectionable situation (i.e. heavy smoke, obnoxious odors, lofting fire brands near flammable liquids)
  • Only burn approved materials such as fire wood, kindling, and charcoal. PROHIBITED BURN ITEMS INCLUDE: Leaves, vegetation from land clearing, lumber, construction materials, waste material, garbage, plastic, rubber, liquids not intended as charcoal starters, and similar materials.  
  • Portable outdoor fireplaces are not to be operated within 15 feet of structures or combustible materials except at one and two family dwellings
  • City Ordinance prohibits the kindling of a fire on a city property such as a public street or park.
  • Burning is prohibited on combustible balconies, porches, or patios unless sprinkled.  

Contact the Fire Prevention Office at (912) 644-5960, for further information

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