How is the installation done?

The City of Savannah staff and the meter installer (UPA) will locate the meter box containing your water meter and mark it with blue paint and a pin flag. For residential customers, replacing the water meter will require installers to briefly turn off the water service to your residence. This allows installers to remove the old meter and install a new one. Water service may be interrupted for commercial customers as well. When the new meter is installed, the installer will test the new AMI water meter to ensure that it is operating properly.

The installer will attempt to try and turn on an outdoor water spigot at each location following AMI meter installation to flush the system and re-establish pressure.  For any customer that has experienced a water service interruption in the past, they know that these type issues can occur on water service reconnection, but they should resolve quickly by flushing the system outside or inside for a short period of time.  

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1. What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI?
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14. How is the installation done?
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