Dumpster/Container Permit

Per City Code; all persons, contractors, and other agencies must obtain a Dumpster/Container Permit to place a dumpster, trailer, container, or other such structures on public property, thereby making parking spaces or other public areas unavailable for use. This permit must be approved by the Traffic Engineering Department and other applicable City Departments prior to the placement of the dumpster or container on City right-of-way. The application for the permit must be submitted to the Traffic Engineering Department at 1100 W. Gwinnett St., emailed or faxed to (912) 525-1535. Call (912) 651-6600 for more information.

  • Per the City's Emergency Order, the Traffic Engineering Office is closed to the public.  All applications must be submitted via FAX: 912-525-1535 or EMAIL: trafficpermits@savannahga.gov.  
  • Invoiced fees can be paid using most credit cards online via eTRAC. To sign up, users must click "Register" on the eTRAC site & provide the required information. See link for guidance: http://www.savannahga.gov/1027/eTRAC
  • For customers that are unable to submit applications and/or fees electronically, a drop-box is available next to the main entrance of the Traffic Engineering Office.
  • No personal checks or cash will be accepted – Only cashier checks, money orders, or local company checks.
  • For more information, please contact the Traffic Engineering Office at (912) 651-6600.
  • *PLEASE NOTE:  The Traffic Engineering Office has relocated to 20 Interchange Drive (off of W. Gwinnett St., east of I-516).  A drop-box is available at the new Administration Building

Fees and Conditions

A $20 Application fee is required.

In addition to the $20 application fee, the rate for each Dumpster/Container Permit shall be four dollars ($4.00) per equivalent parking space per day, whether such space is metered, unmetered, marked, or unmarked, whether on the street or in alley (excluding Sundays and holidays).

There shall be a ten dollar ($10.00) penalty fee added to the cost of any permit issued as a result of City enforcement action. Any person violating this Article shall be subject to subpoena to Recorder’s Court and fines resulting there from. Each incident and/or each day shall be deemed a separate violation. All fees should be paid via cashier’s check or money order payable to “City of Savannah”. Submit fees to the Traffic Engineering Department:

  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1027, Savannah, GA 31402
  • Physical Address: 20 Interchange Dr., Savannah, GA 31415


Application Process
After receipt of the completed application form and application fee, the Traffic Engineering Department shall review and process the application in a period of no more than four working days. The site may be inspected to ensure that the placement of the dumpster or container will not impact the safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The Fire Marshall and Sanitation Bureau will also review the location to ensure that it will not impact Emergency or Sanitation operations. In the event that the requested site is not found appropriate for the placement of the dumpster or container, an alternate site will be recommended and coordinated with the applicant.

Minimum Requirements 

  • Applicant is responsible for the protection of paved surfaces during loading and unloading operations of the dumpster or container. Three-quarter inch (3/4") plywood is required under runners if placed on pavement. Applicant will be held liable for any roadway or sidewalk damage caused by placement of dumpster/container, per City Code Section 4-2022.
  • No dumpsters/containers will be permitted in the sidewalk area. Only upon special provision will use of sidewalks be allowed. Under these situations applicant will be required to protect the integrity of the sidewalk and provide temporary ramp to drive onto sidewalk.
  • Dumpsters shall be covered when not in use to prevent debris from blowing onto right-of-way. The City Right-of-Way surrounding the dumpster shall be kept free of debris.
  • No degradable materials shall be placed in dumpsters.
  • Dumping materials into the dumpster from higher elevations requires a covered chute to minimize dust.
  • Dumpsters/containers next to roadway shall be provided with reflective red and white tape diagonally striped six inches (6") in width and twenty-four inches (24") in length (as a minimum) to be located at each corner on the top side of dumpster/container.
  • Applicant assumes all liability and holds harmless the City against all claims, damages, suits, penalties, fines and liability for injury or death to persons or loss or damage to property related to the placement of a dumpster in the City Right-of-Way.
  • Applicant shall display permit in clear view on or near the permitted dumpster(s) or container(s).