Transfer or Disconnect Service

Transfer Service 

To transfer utility service within the City of Savannah service area, please complete and submit the APPLICATION FOR UTILITY SERVICE. In addition to the completed application, you will need to submit your tenant or owner documentation for the new service address, such as a lease or closing statement. 

 Your current utility bill balance must be paid in full before transfer request can be made.

*Please allow up to 7 days for online submissions to process 

Account Set-up Fee: A nonrefundable fee of $30 will be charged to each new utility account when established or when an accountholder transfers existing utility services to a new location. This fee is charged for rented locations and owner-occupied locations.

Disconnect Service

If you are moving or selling your property, you will need to have your service disconnected. Otherwise, you will still be liable for any water use, even if you are no longer living at or using the property. 

To disconnect your utility service, please complete and submit the   APPLICATION FOR UTILITY SERVICE. You must also attach valid Government Issued picture identification. Service interruption due to delinquency does not discontinue your account or stop base service charges from accruing.

Important Things to Know

  • Same day service is not available, please allow up to 2 business days for all service requests. 
  • New service connections and delinquent reconnections are performed Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and service disconnections are performed Monday through Thursday. We do not connect or disconnect on standard holidays, weekends or after normal business hours. We can schedule connections and disconnections by calendar date only. Because routes observed by technicians are set based on the previous days’ orders, we cannot set hourly schedules. 
  • Service connections and disconnections may be scheduled up to 7 calendar days in advance. 
  • All outstanding bills, in leaseholder(s) name must be paid in full before a new or transfer service order is submitted. 
  • When tenants vacate a property and/or close an account, service is not automatically transferred back to property owner, management company or apartment complex name. Service connections are established by request only.

Understanding Billing Due Dates, Fees & Late Penalty

Utility bills are generally issued bi-monthly and payment is due in full on or before the due date. Additional fees and late penalty may be assessed if payments are received after the due date. Delinquent Reminder notices are issued for any account with an outstanding balance. All reminder notices have a final date to pay before an administrative processing fee is charges and an order is issued to disconnect service. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the obligation to pay the bill or any late or service fees associated with delinquency.

Billing Cycle: Bills are issued on a bi-monthly basis. The billing date is determined by your location within our service area. Due dates are not adjustable.

Payment Terms: Payments are due within 20 days of the bill date. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt penalties or disconnection for non-payment. We are not responsible for late remittances made through the mail service.

Late Penalty: A late penalty of $5.00 or 10% (whichever is greater) will be added to your current bill amount, if bill is not paid by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th day following the due date.

Administrative Processing Fee: Any account not paid in full within 17 days of the original due date will be charged a $50.00 administrative processing fee.

Disconnect Policy: All accounts billed an administrative processing fee will be subject for disconnection. Service will be reconnected after the delinquent balance and fees are paid in full.

Reinstated Service: Accounts with outstanding balances will be required to pay the entire balance before new service can be established; along with any deposits required and/or service fees.