Educational Tours

Water Resources tours are available for all ages: learn more about where our drinking water comes from, how our wastewater is safely treated before being returned to our environment, or how stormwater management helps reduce flooding throughout Savannah. Call to schedule your tour today! (912) 651-2221

Tour A - Water, Water Everywhere - Tour the Water Supply and Treatment Plant and learn how the natural forest and Staff work together to produce some of the best drinking water in Georgia.

Tour B - 
Flushing Fantastic - Tour the President Street facility, the City's largest water treatment plant. Learn how we clean used water to a level that is safe to be put back into our environment so we can use it again.

Tour C - 
Clean Water Begins Here - This is a must for all Savannahians. Learn about why Savannah floods and what Staff does to help manage stormwater. Discover numerous benefits for harvesting stormwater on your property.

Request a Water Resources Speaker

The Water Resources Department has staff available to speak at your next meeting. If you would like to know more about how we manage water to meet community needs while protecting our natural resources, contact Laura Walker at (912) 651-2221 or email.