Temporary Alcohol Event Permits


Temporary event means an event that is not more than three (3) calendar days in duration, is not regularly occurring occasion, and is one that is held in a specific location zoned for such an event. Alcohol may be served at a temporary event between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.

Division 9. – Temporary Alcohol Event Licensing Permitting

Sec. 6-1223. - Reserved. Alcoholic Beverage Permits for Temporary Events

This section is intended to apply to temporary events held in locations not holding, or not covered by, an annual alcoholic beverage license issued by the City of Savannah. A temporary alcoholic beverage permit authorizes the permittee to bring malt beverages, fortified wines, and/or spirituous liquor onto the premises of a business or other alcohol approved location, with the permission of the owner of that property, and to serve those alcoholic beverages to the permittee’s guests. The Temporary Alcohol Beverage Permit application must include a lease or other proof of permission to use such premises for an event.

(a) The City may issue an alcoholic beverage permit for a temporary event under the following conditions:

1. Any temporary event permit for which dispensing alcoholic beverages is requested must be sponsored by a private non-profit organization or closed private event and meet these conditions:

i. If sponsored by a private non-profit organization as classified by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service:

a) No less than 80% of the net proceeds of the event must benefit the sponsoring non-profit organization;

b) Applicants must submit an affidavit affirming an understanding that no less than 80% of the net proceeds of the event must benefit the sponsoring non-profit organization.

c) At the conclusion of the event, the Revenue Director may request to review a reconciliation of actual revenues and all supporting documentation, at which time a reconciliation shall be provided; and

d) Alcohol events permitted as non-profit events must include signage at all the primary event entrances indicating the non-profit sponsor of the event.

2. Any temporary event applicant/licensee or the responsible party on the event permit must remain on the event premises throughout the event.

 ii. If temporary event is a closed private event to which the general public is not admitted:

a) Alcoholic beverages shall not be dispensed to the general public; and

b) Alcoholic beverages dispensed under this permit must be free of any charge with no actual or implied monetary exchange.

c) Temporary events utilizing an advance sale ticket arrangement shall not be considered private events.

3. If such temporary event is to be held in a City park or square, the applicant must secure in advance a permit for use of the park or square from the Office of Special Events, Film, and Tourism, must meet all the requirements of said office, and must provide the Revenue Division with a copy of the approved park or square use permit issued by said department prior to the temporary event. Events held in City parks and squares may not include the sale of distilled spirits.

4. Permitted events must be held in locations that would be otherwise appropriate for an alcoholic beverage license, per review by the Department of Planning and Urban Design and Savannah Police Department

5. The fee for such permit shall be $50.00 per day per permit and shall be paid at the time of application

6. No such event shall exceed three (3) days, including Sunday, for which the City Manager shall have authority to waive normal Sunday regulations if circumstances warrant such waiver. If a Sunday waiver is granted, events may serve alcohol during the hours of 11:00 am and 11:59 pm.