Phase 2

Phase 2: Remote Workforce Returns to Work

The second phase of our plan focuses on efforts to begin safely returning our remote workforce back to their “Pre-Covid-19” worksites. At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many City departments began providing services remotely in an effort to reduce the number of staff physically reporting to work on a daily basis to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease. As a result, “non-essential” personnel were instructed to work from home with occasional visits to the office on an “as- needed” basis. Phase two of our plan focuses on the safe return of these workers back to work. Not all staff will return in Phase two. Staff will slowly return to work throughout phases two, three and four of our re-opening plan to ensure their safety. Staff and visitors will continue practicing social distancing, wearing face coverings and undergoing temperature checks and self-check tests prior to entry into City facilities. Heightened cleaning procedures will be followed.

Transitioning to new phases subject to 14-day minimum and improved/stable Covid-19 metrics

Phase 2
Remote Workforce Returns to Workplaces

Programs, Services & Field OperationsMost programs and services provided remotely, meetings via telecom or video-com, in person meetings by appointment only subject to social distancing and use of PPE, field operations
Public EventsRemote only with meetings via telecom or video-com
Public MeetingsRemote only with meetings via telecom or video-com
Public FacilitiesClosed to the public
Staffing and Remote WorkBegin return of remote workforce. This may require staggered or rotating shifts to ensure appropriate social distancing in work spaces. Some staff may need to continue working remotely due to space constraints.

Social DistancingMinimum 6-foot separation. May reduce required distance subject to installation of barriers approved by Real Estate Services and Risk Management.
PPE - Face CoveringsRequired for staff and visitors accessing a City Facility or City Vehicle. Not needed if outside with appropriate social distancing.
PPE - GlovesAvailable for use
Self-Screening and Temperature ChecksRequired before entry into a city facility 
Staff AccommodationsSpecial accommodations may be available for increased risk employees
Employee EventsAllowed within City Facilities; subject to plan prepared by hosting department showing appropriate social distancing. Outside events do not require prior approval, but host department is responsible for ensuring appropriate social distancing

Staff Business TravelSuspended
VolunteersNot Allowed
InternsMust Work Remotely
Sanitization/Janitorial Efforts at City FacilitiesContinue enhanced janitorial services as well as department sanitation efforts to minimize contact exposure risks
HVAC Modifications at City FacilitiesBegin modifications to HVAC systems
Touch-Free Facility ModificationsOrder touch-free fixtures and appliances for common areas of City-owned