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Welcome to The City of Savannah! 

The City offers a comprehensive benefits package to serve as your foundation for good health, peace of mind and financial security; from medical, dental and vision coverage, to flexible spending accounts and income protection plans such as short-term disability and life insurance.  Some plan costs are fully paid by the City, some you pay for on a voluntary basis, and with others, costs are shared between you and the City. It is up to you to choose the plans that best fit your personal needs. You will find detailed information of the City of Savannah benefits, including premiums in the Benefits Guide  or visiting the Active Employee section of this site.

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When Coverage Begins 

As a new employee, you have 30 days from your date of hire to enroll in the benefit plans. Coverage begins 30 days after your date of hire for the medical and life insurance benefits. Dental and vision elections take effect after 30 days and the first of the next month.  (For example, if your hire date is February 7, 2021, your dental and vision coverages will take effect April 1, 2021). All elections are in effect for the entire plan year and may only be changed during Open Enrollment in November, or if you experience a qualifying life event.

Eligible Employees/Dependents: 

  • You may enroll in the City of Savannah Employee Benefits’ programs if you are a permanent employee working at least 20 hours per week.
  • You must be enrolled in the benefit to cover your dependents.  Eligible dependents include your spouse, domestic partner, and children up to age 26. Children is defined as your birth child, stepchild, or adopted child.
  • If you would like to add a domestic partner to your plans, please review the Domestic Partner Policy/Affidavit below and submit back to the benefits department for approval. The completed affidavit and supporting documentation must be received by no later than 30 days after date of hire.

            Domestic Partner Policy/Affidavit 

The Savannah Experience - Benefits Orientation

You can view the Savannah Experience (Employee New Hire Virtual Orientation) at the City of Savannah Online Learning Academy (SOLA).  

Voluntary Worksite Benefits

Voluntary benefits can build on the benefits already provided by the City of Savannah, giving you additional protection that you and your family may need.  Premiums are paid by convenient payroll deductions. You may take your coverage with you if you leave employment with the City of Savannah. You will be responsible for paying the premiums directly to the vendor upon leaving the organization.  The following are the voluntary worksite benefits being offered.

Plan Details / Rate Information

Accident insurance
cancer insurance
critical illness
Short term disability

How to Apply for Voluntary Worksite Benefits 

To apply for voluntary worksite benefits please contact Creative Worksite Solutions at 1-866-971-9715 or by email at . *Must enroll within 30 days of your date of hire* 

Sign Up for Benefits Now  

To Begin the Enrollment Process You Will Need the Following:

  • Names, dates of birth, genders and Social Security numbers of dependents.
  • Beneficiaries' names, dates of birth, genders and relationship to you. If you are naming a trust as your beneficiary, the name of the trust and the trust date.
    • Note: if you are electing Supplemental Life Insurance above the guaranteed issued amounts (Employee: 1x annual base salary, Spouse: $30,000 and Child: $20,000) you will need to complete an Evidence of Insurability application for review/approval. Evidence of Insurability application can be completed online on the Standard Life Insurance Member Portal here:

Click Here to enroll in benefits online through the Lawson Employee Self Service portal

If you are unable to complete the online enrollment process, you may print the Benefits Enrollment Form and return to Angela Bryant by:

Your Benefits Team is here to assist you if you have any questions, please ask.