Housing Assistance & Applications

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Housing Savannah Assistance & Applications

Housing Savannah initiatives and partnerships can provide assistance to help qualified applicants improve housing conditions and options for themselves, or for Savannah residents they serve, through various housing initiatives.  Assistance may be provided by one or more organizations.   It may also involve one or more forms or sources of assistance.  Eligible applicants and projects are considered for appropriate and available assistance and terms.  All housing must be located in the Savannah city limits.

A summary of available assistance and applications include:

  • Home Repair Assistance
    • Homeowners
    • Landlords
  • Home Purchase Assistance for First Time Home Buyers
    • DreamMaker Home Purchase Assistance
    • St. Joseph's/Candler Team Member Home Purchase Assistance
    • Memorial HCA Team Member Home Purchase Assistance
    • City of Savannah Employee Home Purchase Assistance
    • Home Purchase Inspection Assistance
  • Vacant Property Housing Development Assistance
    • Home Buyers
    • Rental
    • Homeless