General:Provides small home repair loans to help landlords of single-family housing (1-4 dwellings per property) correct housing code violations and/or make exterior improvements.  Landlords must contribute $2 for every $1 of repair assistance.   Rents cannot exceed HUD published Fair Market Rents for loan term.  The property must be located in the Savannah city limits.
Property Condition:Landlord must have the property inspected by City’s Code Compliance Department to determine the scope of work required to bring the property into code compliance.  The property must be code compliant upon completion of repairs.
Typical Repairs:Correct code violations
Replace roofs
Exterior surface repair/painting
Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC repairs

Typically, 5-year deferred payment 0% interest loans not to exceed $5,000 per dwelling.

Renter Income:Household income restrictions apply to some funding sources.
Application Deadlines:Ongoing, year-round, providing resources remain available
Contact:Dennise Campbell (912) 525-3100 Ext. 2728

Fair Market Rent Table: 
FY 2022











Subject to change

Rental Property Repair Assistance Program Application